Polyvinyl chloride resin QS-1050P

Product Name: PVC Resin Other Name: Polyvinyl Chloride Resin Appearance: White Powder K value: 66-68 Grades -Formosa ( Formolon) / Lg ls 100h / Reliance 6701 / Cgpc H66 / Opc S107 / Inovyn/ Finolex / Indonesia / Phillipine / Kaneka s10001t etc... HS Code: 3904109001    

Products Details

Polyvinyl chloride resin products have good chemical resistance, electrical insulation and chemical stability; Because of its high chlorine content, it has good flame retardancy and self-extinguishing; The products are easy to be molded and processed, and can be processed by extrusion, injection molding, calendering, blow molding, pressing, casting and hot molding and other molding methods, which are widely used. The hard product that can make intensity and hardness tall is like the different profile such as pipe, pipe, door window and pack piece of material, also can join plasticizer to make very soft product to wait like film, piece of material, cable of wire, floor, synthetic leather.Grade QS-1050P is used to produce irrigation pipe, potable water pipe, foam-core pipe, electric wire conduit, rigid shaped section, etc..  PVC pipe
Grade   PVC QS-1050P Remarks
Item Guarantee value Test method
Average polymerization degree 1000-1100 GB/T 5761,Appendix A K value 66-68
Apparent density, g/ml 0.51-0.57 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix B  
Volatiles content (water included), %,     ≤ 0.30 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix C  
Plasticiser absorption of 100g resin, g,    ≥   21 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix D  
VCM residue, mg/kg                                   ≤ 5 GB/T 4615-1987  
Screenings % 2.0  2.0 Method 1: GB/T 5761, Appendix B Method2: Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix A  
95  95  
Fisheye number, No./400cm2,                  ≤ 20 Q/SH3055.77-2006, Appendix E  
Number of impurity particles, No.,          ≤ 16 GB/T 9348-1988  
Whiteness (160ºC, 10 minutes later), %,≥ 80 GB/T 15595-95  
(1) Packing : 25kg net/pp bag, or kraft paper bag . (2) Loading quantity : 680Bags/20'container, 17MT/20'container . (3) Loading quantity : 1000Bags/40'container, 25MT/40'container .

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